Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been a while....Life and The Holidays

It's hard to believe that today marks the end of 2013! It's exciting to think that tomorrow starts a whole new set of 365 days full of new memories...Anything could really happen and it could be a year that could change our life forever..Instead of making resolutions like lose weight (which is something I always need to do) I decided to set up some goals for the next year. Just a few things I haven't done in a while..... 

Seems like a pretty easy list for an entire year...First one on my list should be pretty simple because I went to the library first thing after work yesterday and got a book....Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers......

This year has been full with new babies and little accomplishments for those of us who weren't busy having babies and my youngest sister and I took a much needed vacation to Florida to see our brother...I have two new nephews Nathan and Kaizan, and a new niece Kimber...My youngest sister graduated in May with her Bachelors in Business and then I graduated in July with my Bachelors in Business.  We went to different schools and honestly didn't realize we were going to school for the same thing..(so weird how stuff like this happens) lol... I opened up my Etsy shop and it somehow became a huge hit in which I am very grateful for.

Here's a few more pics to sum up the last month.. I hope that everyone has an awesome 2014 and may all our dreams come true!

My Christmas Tree with Gifts for family....a funny thing about my tree this year...Our lights kept burning out! It drove me completely insane! lol
We had brunch with my parents Christmas morning.  Mom made Belgium waffles! Yummy!!

My coffee cup cozies in my Etsy Shop

And last but definitely not least.....My biggest accomplishment for the year!! I tear up every time I see it!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thoughtful Wednesday

I've caught the wanderlust bug, and its got me craving a road trip.  I've always dreamed of taking my favorite person with me {my mom} and just traveling the U.S. Get us both away from our crazy lives and just worry about ourselves and each  other. 

When I was younger I would go on mission trips, and I loved every minute of it.  Helping people you don't know and meeting new and interesting people that you will probably never see again. 

Since I've gotten older I haven't visited many places.  And I think i'm missing those little trips of kindness. 

On top of the wanderlust, i'm craving a new job.  But preferably, my dream job.  I grew up telling myself I would start my own business.  I never had any idea what it was going to be, I just knew that was my dream.  Now that I'm almost 30 I feel like it's time to figure it out.  I've got a passion for making things and sharing them with everyone around me.  So now that I've figured out my passion, I need to figure out how to get it started. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Crafts // Stamp it up!

I ordered a stamp kit from Hobby Lobby a few days ago.  Originally this stamp kit ran a good $23 at Michaels, but I knew I could find it cheaper.  So I checked out the never disappointing Hobby Lobby website and they were offering the kit for $11.99 with an added 40% off....I just couldn't pass that up.  So of course I ordered it with absolutely no DIY in mind, I just knew that I had to have this stamp kit.  To pass the waiting time, I thought of what I could do with this thing and after loads of research {an hour tops} I found a cute DIY and decided I wanted to share it.  It's not too extensive a few pictures here and there and I will also add the link for the stamp kit so you can make your own. 

Hammer spoon down on a hard surface.  I did this on my front porch. Do this until it is as flat as you want it.  Next grab your metal stamps and careful stamp each letter of whatever word your heart desires. 
The finished product....I'm pretty happy with it although the perfectionist in me started to kick in a little, but I reminded myself that this was my first go at it and my future spoons will be a lot better.  I was just itching to try out the new kit!

Just remember to make this DIY all your own.  I think it would be cool to make a bunch of these with herbs on them and display them in a garden, not only would it look cute but it would help you remember where everything is.

*NOTE* It's easier if you have something holding the spoon as you hammer the letters in or else it will look a little wonky like mine does. 

*Side Note* click words stamp kit under materials needed picture to be redirected to hobby lobby

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crafty Wednesday: Pinning!

I am completely obsessed with Pinterest, so obsessed that I actually have three craft boards!!   The worst part of my obsession is that after I find something I really want to make I head on over to the craft store and buy the supplies to make it, now that may sound like a good thing....but it has turned into a small disaster at my craft desk.  I finally decided that it was time to make some of the crafts I have pinned. 

I actually created the light fixture itself because I couldn't find one.  So I went to the hardware store and the nice guy there showed me how to do it.  I'm pretty proud of this DIY because it took some time and tons of patience.

I'm sorta obsessed with this necklace because of the colors and it's just so darn cute.  And i'm sure many are wondering where in the world I got such tiny little antlers.  Check out the DIY and found out.

I made this bracelet for a friends birthday and was worried she wouldn't like it, but she absolutely loved it.  I plan on making more of these, but the box chain is hard to come by around here and I can only find the right size at Hobby Lobby.  It is in fact two strands of box chain, although many have said it looks like a watch band.  Nope! This one took a good couple hours to make, so if you try this DIY out remember, lots of patience.


I actually have a fun DIY  that I came up with all by myself that I know everyone will love.  I am hoping to post it up soon!  Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No wait Garlic Dill Pickles..Yes Please!!

So lately I have been really into making my own pickles.  After seeing a post on Free People about Simple Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles, I became completely obsessed.  I have made pickles before, but they didn't turn out very yummy and waiting 3 months just isn't my forte.  It probably didn't help that I also forgot about them and later found them in the back of my fridge when I moved.  This recipe on Free People's website is amazing, although with a few tweaks for my liking, the pickles came out perfect. And the best part is they are ready after 24 hours, but even better the longer they sit..and they last for up to 2 months! I was surprised at how much people liked them, because I am not a food maker, I always screw it up.  But when I came home last night and found cucumbers on my outdoor chair, I knew that they were not just saying they were delicious to not hurt my feelings.  They really did like them!  So if you have some extra veggies laying around and you don't know what to do with them, you should definitely check out the recipe.  I went beyond cucumbers and also added some jalapeno peppers and garlic cloves.  So use what ever you've got!!

*NOTE* clicking on the Simple Refrigerator Garlic Dill Pickles will redirect you to the full recipe...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wrap it up: DIY wrapped soup can

Over some time now I have collected soup cans and glass jars because I feel bad if I just throw them away.  I feel like they need a new life and the crafter (hoarder) in me believes that I can turn them into something amazing.  So today I decided that I needed a new paintbrush holder for my craft desk and because my cats believe my desk is their playground, the glass jars my paintbrushes were in has shattered into a million pieces. So I decided to put the soup cans that I've been saving to good use and wrap them with some hemp cord that I've had laying around.

So what you need is:
  • a soup can
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • some hemp cord, yarn or rope
  • some serious patience

The key to this is to put the hot glue dot in the same spot all the way around to keep it neat and clean.  So start out at the top or bottom of the can, I found it easier to start at the bottom.  Place a dot of hot glue and then place your hemp, yarn or rope on the glue dot, wrap a few times, place another dot of hot glue and then just repeat until you get to the end.  I actually wrapped my can twice because I wanted a little more thickness.  And voila you now have a brand new paintbrush holder. Or what ever you plan on using it for, the possibilities are endless.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Magnetic Love: DIY Button Magnets

For some strange reason I have been a little hesitant on this DIY because I just couldn't find the right buttons.  But i've been needing magnets for my fridge for quite some time (to hold my oh so fancy bills) and I haven't had any luck finding any that I like. The alphabet magnets just don't seem fit for an adults fridge when there are no children in the house, plus I really just don't think they work that great.  So I decided to make my own magnets with some buttons I found in the kids craft section at Walmart.  This DIY is so simple that I really don't need to post instructions, but I will :) ....Enjoy!!

So really all you do is purchase some buttons (whatever your heart desires), and then purchase some magnet strips or magnet buttons.  The magnets in the craft section at Walmart already have adhesive on them so all you have to do is remove the white paper on the back of the magnet and then place it on the button and voila, you have your button magnet.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Evening Relaxation: All you need is a moment

Lately I have been yearning for a break from the everyday life.  Just some time to sit and reflect on my inner thoughts and dreams.  I took a vacation to Florida last month with my youngest sister, we went to visit my brother and sister-in-law before they had their beautiful baby boy.  Although, it was a week long and I enjoyed every single minute of it, it's hard to believe that it was over a month ago.  I yearn for my childhood memories at times like this, carefree attitude with nothing in the world to break our spirit...too bad life couldn't always be just like this...

Retrieved video from https://vimeo.com/58481694  made by my favorite blog http://blog.freepeople.com/

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Valentine's Day Party

My mom had a little valentines day party last weekend for the kiddos.  I got there a little late, but I could tell they all had a great time!  They made little bird feeders in the shape of hearts, they got to make their own little personal size pizzas...(the pizza dough was homemade)..My mom had the cutest idea to make a hugs and kisses game, so she made the game board out of stickers and then she had a huge bowl full of hugs and kisses.  They also got their hands on a little goodie bag filled with treats and included was some cordial cherry heart shaped chocolates that my mom actually made from scratch.

Needless to say they were going crazy when I got there, but you could definitely tell they had an awesome time.  The little boy even got a tiny valentines day kiss on the cheek from my niece (the little blonde on the far right)..It was the cutest thing!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Photos

Recently I have been obsessed with photographs and for the new year I wanted to do something that I had never done before, so that I could remember this year.  As I get older I like to make more memories for me to look back on in the future.  I love the idea of writing everyday  in a journal and then in ten years looking back to see what you did each dayWhen I was younger I actually use to right in a journal, but because of the hectic life of being an adult, I no longer do it.  But I am thinking about picking up a journal this year and jotting down every single day.  My aunt actually writes in her calender everyday, almost like a journal, everything that happens to her.  I have always thought it was so neat!  

Because we are in the digital age and we all like to leave our little footprints in the cyber sand, I have decided to do a daily photo on instagram.  I have called it #pinkblueberries365....I am pretty excited to look back on these photos at the end of the year.. If you have an instagram and would like to follow me (on your iphone, ipod or any android device) my username is cupcakejellybeans....I am completely obsessed with taking photos, (914 photos as of now) phew......so there will never be a shortage of photographs, if you ever get bored.. (:

On this blog I wanted to share the photos of the day for this year..and maybe a few more ;)  Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

Day 1 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 2 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 3 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 4 of  #pinkblueberries365

BoB...the weird sleeping cat  (my dad and stepmoms kittie)

This was just chilling in the back of someones truck and I thought it was too funny..in the parking lot at Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma...just so happens to be right behind, Burger King...Ronald Mcdonald was scoping out the competition..hee hee


Snowy Day in Kansas

My little star...he was sleeping with a smile on his face..must've been a good dream about cat treats and cat napping in the sun...

My sweet Trixie sleeping on unicorn pillow...she sleeps just about anywhere..Be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn....

A favorite find on my shopping trip to Hobby Lobby