Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wrap it up: DIY wrapped soup can

Over some time now I have collected soup cans and glass jars because I feel bad if I just throw them away.  I feel like they need a new life and the crafter (hoarder) in me believes that I can turn them into something amazing.  So today I decided that I needed a new paintbrush holder for my craft desk and because my cats believe my desk is their playground, the glass jars my paintbrushes were in has shattered into a million pieces. So I decided to put the soup cans that I've been saving to good use and wrap them with some hemp cord that I've had laying around.

So what you need is:
  • a soup can
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • some hemp cord, yarn or rope
  • some serious patience

The key to this is to put the hot glue dot in the same spot all the way around to keep it neat and clean.  So start out at the top or bottom of the can, I found it easier to start at the bottom.  Place a dot of hot glue and then place your hemp, yarn or rope on the glue dot, wrap a few times, place another dot of hot glue and then just repeat until you get to the end.  I actually wrapped my can twice because I wanted a little more thickness.  And voila you now have a brand new paintbrush holder. Or what ever you plan on using it for, the possibilities are endless.

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