Friday, August 2, 2013

Magnetic Love: DIY Button Magnets

For some strange reason I have been a little hesitant on this DIY because I just couldn't find the right buttons.  But i've been needing magnets for my fridge for quite some time (to hold my oh so fancy bills) and I haven't had any luck finding any that I like. The alphabet magnets just don't seem fit for an adults fridge when there are no children in the house, plus I really just don't think they work that great.  So I decided to make my own magnets with some buttons I found in the kids craft section at Walmart.  This DIY is so simple that I really don't need to post instructions, but I will :) ....Enjoy!!

So really all you do is purchase some buttons (whatever your heart desires), and then purchase some magnet strips or magnet buttons.  The magnets in the craft section at Walmart already have adhesive on them so all you have to do is remove the white paper on the back of the magnet and then place it on the button and voila, you have your button magnet.

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  1. love this!!!! such a cute idea:)