Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Photos

Recently I have been obsessed with photographs and for the new year I wanted to do something that I had never done before, so that I could remember this year.  As I get older I like to make more memories for me to look back on in the future.  I love the idea of writing everyday  in a journal and then in ten years looking back to see what you did each dayWhen I was younger I actually use to right in a journal, but because of the hectic life of being an adult, I no longer do it.  But I am thinking about picking up a journal this year and jotting down every single day.  My aunt actually writes in her calender everyday, almost like a journal, everything that happens to her.  I have always thought it was so neat!  

Because we are in the digital age and we all like to leave our little footprints in the cyber sand, I have decided to do a daily photo on instagram.  I have called it #pinkblueberries365....I am pretty excited to look back on these photos at the end of the year.. If you have an instagram and would like to follow me (on your iphone, ipod or any android device) my username is cupcakejellybeans....I am completely obsessed with taking photos, (914 photos as of now) there will never be a shortage of photographs, if you ever get bored.. (:

On this blog I wanted to share the photos of the day for this year..and maybe a few more ;)  Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

Day 1 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 2 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 3 of #pinkblueberries365

Day 4 of  #pinkblueberries365

BoB...the weird sleeping cat  (my dad and stepmoms kittie)

This was just chilling in the back of someones truck and I thought it was too the parking lot at Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma...just so happens to be right behind, Burger King...Ronald Mcdonald was scoping out the competition..hee hee


Snowy Day in Kansas

My little star...he was sleeping with a smile on his face..must've been a good dream about cat treats and cat napping in the sun...

My sweet Trixie sleeping on unicorn pillow...she sleeps just about anywhere..Be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn....

A favorite find on my shopping trip to Hobby Lobby