Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Hair Do: Fishtail Braid

It's been over a month since I posted anything to the blog mainly because I have been pretty busy with school and working.  The holidays also keep me busy because I feel the need to make every single person in my family a handmade gift two months before Christmas. (I am very good at procrastinating,hehe)  Anyways, I have been wearing my hair in a fishtail braid a lot lately and I have had tons of people ask me how to do it, (even one of the ladies at the city office asked me), so I decided to share the video that taught me how to do it.  I hope this video is helpful!   

***Note*** I actually don't put an elastic around my hair to make a ponytail first, I find it easier and quicker to just pull your hair to the side like you're making a ponytail and go from there, but if you are particular about the sleekness, then you can follow the complete video instructions.

This is a tutorial by Lauren Conrad. :) enjoy!!

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