Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

So today is my Sunday and as any true human being would do, I have sat around and done absolutely nothing (except crafts).....I found so many different crafts that I want to do (my thoughts are running around like a crazy person in my head)..So I figured it would be best to share all of these awesome, but random crafts..(before my head explodes)

DIY wooden words
So easy I almost don't need to put instructions...but I will :)
What you will need:
Wooden letters
Hot glue gun
Heres how to do it:  Go to the craft section in walmart and pick out the letters to what ever word you would like to make, in the same isle choose your acrylic paint choice.  At home: put down something to protect the surface you plan on painting on, and then start painting each letter.  After the letters are dry (this may take a few hours) hot glue them together to create your word...they come with notches already in the back of them so all you have to is hang them where ever your heart desires..and Enjoy!!


DIY your computer bag strap or even your backpack straps.
All you need is some ribbon from walmart. (there are literally 100 different ones to choose from) I ordered the studs online, but if you like the studded look Walmart actually sells a leather like ribbon with studs already on it.  I hand sewed my ribbon on, but you can glue it on with fabric glue if you find it to be easier (although it may take longer to dry).  Do whatever your heart desires and as always...Enjoy!
Link to studs you can buy online:

Crayon Art:
This craft is super simple. Here's a list of supplies you'll need.
Box of crayons
Hot Glue Gun
This is how it's done:  place hot glue on crayons and place them on the canvas in what ever array you would like, take your blowdryer and put it as close to the crayons as you possibly can without touching them and turn it on high heat, going back and fourth across the them melt away into a beautiful photo of art...and Enjoy!!


I hope everyone enjoys these tutorials, sorry there are only three today but these are the few that I have recently done on my own.

I hope you all enjoy them!! 


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